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The financial freedom of women is one of the most meaningful advancements of modern society. There are many stakeholders in your life and having the time to focus on family, career, health, finances and your pursuit of happiness is paramount.

With our Financial Life Map you can identify wealth milestones, chart a path to leverage your financial achievements and to have the financial strength you’ve always wanted. Along the way, our advisors will provide guidance and experience to allow you to make the most of your time—so you can live a full life with time for everything.

Investment News Features Michelle Brennan Hall

Women and Money

After years of interacting with women investors who felt overwhelmed when discussing finances, Brennan Wealth Advisors conducted a national survey resulting in Michelle authoring the "Woman and Money" report.

It identified women's attitude toward money and career advancement as well as solutions to improve outcomes. For the full “ Women and Money” report, click below.

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