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High Net-Worth Strategies

We're not just experts. We're specialists.

At BWA, we understand the unique opportunities and concerns faced by high net-worth investors, and have developed specific strategies to address your particular financial needs.

Life is complex when you have much to manage. We understand that. Being responsive and comprehensive is our dedication to your bottom line.


Retirement. A simple word for a time that’s not so simple. You’ve worked hard, saved and invested, yet you may still question whether you’ve done all that’s necessary. Navigating effectively through retirement takes experience.

Our Financial Life Map charts a specific plan for how and when to use your money during each stage of retirement so you can look forward to the years ahead and enjoy a full life. Imagine being confident about the years ahead knowing how to turn investments into income, when to buy long-term care insurance and who to turn to when the markets get concerning. Let our decades of experience impact the decades of your retirement.


The financial freedom of women is one of the most meaningful advancements of modern society. There are many stakeholders in your life and having the time to focus on family, career, health, finances and your pursuit of happiness is paramount.

With our Financial Life Map you can identify wealth milestones, chart a path to leverage your financial achievements and to have the financial strength you’ve always wanted. Along the way, our advisors will provide guidance and expertise to allow you to make the most of your time—so you can live a full life with time for everything.

Executives and Business Owners

Your company relies on you for vision, leadership, driving determination and much more. Who do you rely on when it comes to your money?

We know how to make certain your financial interests are looked after and guided appropriately. Just like the skilled team you work with to grow your company, our team of experienced advisors is focused on your success.

With our Financial Life Map, your wealth goals are identified and a path toward your vision for the future is forged. Our advisors will provide the expertise to allow you to make the most of your time—so you can focus on all the people who rely on you every day.

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