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BWA and Girl Scouts

BWA guides Girl Scout careers

BWA guides Girl Scout careers

Brennan Wealth Advisors will host students from Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas for its “See the Future” day on Wednesday June 26, 2019.

As part of the financial advisory firm’s initiative to encourage more women to consider being financial advisors and financial planners, the firm curated a day of shadowing where students follow key women for hands on learning and to experience a day in the life of a financial planner.

“Planting seeds of strength and courage is critical for the next generation. They must be able to see themselves (and others like them) in any career and any position in a company. We want young women to expect limitless possibilities and to know how important their voices and perspectives are to a company’s culture and bottom line,” says Michelle Brennan Hall, Wealth Advisor and President.

The day will begin with a facilities tour and a “Culture is Everything” discussion. The importance of each person’s role and how each contributes will be highlighted. Lunch will be a roundtable Q&A where students can ask questions about college degrees for becoming a financial advisor and career opportunities in financial services. Students then are paired with financial advisors in the afternoon to experience a day as an advisor. They will also learn ways to be financially savvy in their own lives.

“Women are perfectly suited to be financial advisors, but no matter what career path they choose, all women should be encouraged to be financially independent,” says Brennan Hall.

The company, which is led by Michelle Brennan Hall specializes in wealth and retirement strategies for executives, business owners and high net-worth individuals.

About Brennan Wealth Advisors

Brennan Wealth Advisors focuses on financial planning, investments and insurance strategies and estate planning for families and high-net worth individuals using its Financial Life Map Strategy™. CEO Michelle Brennan Hall has 29 years guiding investors’ net worth and financial decisions and is known for her research on females’ experience with finances and the generational attitude shifts toward money.

Brennan Hall has contributed to The Wall Street Journal, Investment News, The New York Times, New York Newsday, The Dallas Morning News and For more, visit

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