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Michelle Brennan Hall addresses The Beck Group

| December 08, 2017
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A forward thinking company with a strong female initiative, The Beck Group joined for its monthly Women In Leadership Development (WILD attended by women and men) to learn why it's so important to involve women in major financial decisions at the corporate level and wealth decisions for families. The statistics and longevity trend is in plain sight for all to see yet for a large percentage of women, taking control or participating in major financial decisions is still something that females abdicate to the men in their lives. The "unwilling female" could be the individual who is at risk the most when she is thrust into financial decision-making due to an emergency or spousal death. Emotional decisions usually do not serve investors well.  

"The risks for female investors loom yet many advisors in the industry are still trying to figure out 'how' to talk to women about money," says Michelle. Women don't need special help understanding financial concepts. There is no gender bias in the brain against women when it comes to math, money or wealth. In fact, studies bear out that the female brain is better at investing, focusing on long-term and managing many inputs and demands simultaneously. This is the type of person whose perspective can impact teams, projects and executive leadership and board positions extremely well.

Both in corporations and at home, it is a matter of willingness to engage on the female's part.

It is our passion to encourage females to GET IN THE GAME.

The Beck Group is not affiliated with Brennan Wealth Advisors or FSC Securities Corporation.
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