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Laws of Money Wellness Part 2

Laws of Money Wellness Part 2

January 16, 2019
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Money wellness is a symptom of your thoughts. Setting financial goals, investing and having money of your own is for everyone.


LAW 10 – Be present

Distraction: Believing your past and family history dictate your future is debilitating. You are not who you were. Good money habits can be established anytime in life.


LAW 11 – Believe you are worthy

Distraction: Some believe investing is not what they should do; others believe someone else should govern their money; while others think “only rich people invest.”


LAW 12 – Know you are in control….of EVERYTHING

Distraction: Thinking someone else is at fault or responsible keeps you in the passenger seat of life.

There are times it feels as if a life situation is beyond our control. But being passive about life is no solution. There is always something to do or to learn. Allow yourself to think that you have control over your thoughts and actions in every situation. This mindset can be powerful for your wealth aspirations.


LAW 13 – Think BIG

Distraction: One of the biggest hurdles to achievement is a limiting mindset. Thinking  “I’ll never afford that, live there, will always worry about money, won’t have enough,” is not how a wealth mindset is shaped.


A great way to change the course of your life is to think bigger than your current situation. Someone thought to build the first bridge, create the computer, write a novel, go to the moon, run marathons, get out of a bad neighborhood, create a life differently then how they were raised. You can think big when it comes to your financial future. Everyone can. There are no restrictions on our thoughts and starting good money habits. None!


LAW 14 – Money availability is a function of a mindset

Distraction: Thinking “if only” thoughts actually disables your ability to succeed. Develop a money mantra like “I control money well,” “I am surrounded by financial abundance,”  or “I deserve a pay raise.” Meditate daily on your mantra and see what unfolds.


LAW 15 – Money prefers no gender

Distraction: Accepting or perpetuating gender stereotypes is demeaning and wrong. Women and men are equally gifted in wealth skills. Being part of the global transformation that includes more and more women in long-term wealth and financial planning efforts can be powerful for generations of individuals believing in their financial potential.  Believe in yours!