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Girl Scouts “See the Future” at Brennan Wealth Advisors

Girl Scouts “See the Future” at Brennan Wealth Advisors

July 01, 2019
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Mentoring is a commitment our firm has dedicated years to, both internally and externally. This year, was our most exciting mentoring event when we welcomed Girl Scouts to participate in our “See the Future” day of shadowing. Students followed key women executives for hands on learning and experienced a day in the life of a financial planner.

“Planting seeds of strength and courage is critical for the next generation. They must be able to see themselves (and others like them) in any career and any position in a company. We want young women to expect limitless possibilities and to know how important their voices and perspectives are to a company’s culture and bottom line,” says Michelle Brennan Hall, Wealth Advisor and President.

The day began with a facilities tour and a “Culture is Everything” discussion. The importance of each person’s role and how each contributes to our culture was highlighted. During lunch, a roundtable Q&A session gave students an opportunity to ask questions of our interns about college degrees for becoming a financial advisor as well as our staff about career opportunities in financial services.

One of the most unique opportunities for the students was to sit in on a podcast interview with Michelle Brennan Hall and Blair Blackburn, intern and finance major. The discussion focused on careers in finance and intern advice for students considering business degrees.

Students spent the afternoon paired with financial advisors experiencing the work done by advisors and how to care for client families. They participated in hands on learning by completing a risk assessment of their own and learned ways to be financially savvy in their lives.

“Women are perfectly suited to be financial advisors, but no matter what career path they choose, all women should be encouraged to be financially independent,” says Brennan Hall.

It was an inspirational day for everyone.